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Your toilet is blocked: If you have a plunger in your home then you can certainly have a go at unblocking the toilet, just don’t flush the toilet in an attempt to shift the blockage as you will end up with water everywhere. If, after using a plunger, the toilet is still blocked you will need to call in experts like DVC Plumbing Caringbah.

Toilet Repairs

DVC Plumbing Caringbah will check every faucet and flush all toilets to ensure that the water is draining out at the proper pace, and we’ll outline your options if it’s not. A slow drain may be an inconvenience today, but it can turn into a major backup and huge mess down the road if it’s not treated.

By catching the problem quickly, you can invest in more cost-effective maintenance and save money in the long run. We’ll also keep an eye out for any discolored water as this can indicate corrosion in the supply lines or water heater.

Checking for Corrosion

DVC Plumbing Caringbah is going to take a closer look at the condition of your pipes to see if you’re having problems with corrosion. When a plumbing fixture goes unused for long periods of time, the tiny bit of water in the trap can lead to rust.

If there’s a constant pattern of inconsistent use, then this can rapidly lead to a hidden breakdown. When you move in and start using the space on a regular basis, the leak that’s been slowly growing will finally show itself. DVC Plumbing Caringbah wants to help you avoid the hassle and the water damage by highlighting the problem now so that you can have it addressed as soon as possible.

Toilet Installation

Toilets are a fixture that may also need to be replaced over time. Some of the most common reasons to have a toilet replaced include scratched porcelain that stains and is hard to keep clean, cracks in the porcelain, and frequent clogs. Repairing an older toilet is often cost prohibitive, especially when the toilet is cracked. We can install a new toilet within a few hours time. Our goal is always to provide you with the best services without breaking the bank!

High Efficiency Toilets

High efficiency toilets are the best choice available today. There are several different options to choose from that will fit into the décor of your home while providing you with a properly functioning fixture that will last for many years to come. Installing a new, high efficiency toilet, can reduce your overall water consumption by about 25% if you have an older model toilet currently installed in your home. At DVC Plumbing Caringbah we offer expert installation and maintenance services for your high efficiency toilets.

Toilet plumbing

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    Toilet Plumbing Services

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