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Water heating costs account for a large amount of your energy bill every month. One way to For an even greater savings, is the installation of a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters offer an unlimited supply of hot water but only will utilise energy when the water is turned on. This will eliminate the excessive usage of energy and decrease the owner’s electricity or gas bills tremendously. Plus, all eco-friendly upgrades will add value to a home. Although there may be a higher investment associated with these upgrades, owners will see amazing benefits. DVC Plumbing Caringbah technicians can help you choose and install your tankless water heater efficiently and affordably.

What Causes Water Heater Problems?

One of the biggest causes of water heater problems is the buildup of sediment in your tank. This buildup reduces the efficiency of your heater and can be corrosive to your system over time. The best way to reduce this buildup of residual minerals from the water entering your system is to have your water heater flushed each year.

Foul smelling hot water can be caused by the disintegration of the heater’s anode rod, which is often made from aluminum and magnesium. As this rod breaks down, a rotten egg or sulfur-like smell may be present in your hot water. This is a common occurrence that requires replacement of the rod in most cases. It may also be possible that the heater has become contaminated with bacteria and will require a flush to decontaminate your system.

Equipment malfunctions can also cause your water heater to stop heating or start leaking. Some parts, such as thermostats and pilot lights are replaceable by our technicians and a part of normal wear and tear over the lifetime of your unit. Other malfunctions, such as electrical or pressure issues may signal that it is time to replace your system. The average life expectancy of a hot water heater is generally between 8 to 12 years.


Water Heater Repair Solutions

As your water heater breaks down, it will require repair solutions. This can range from cleanings to the replacement of internal parts. Experts at DVC Plumbing Caringbah can provide you with thorough and expert repair solutions. We will find the root source of the issue and provide it with a repair solution that will be beneficial for your home. Additionally, repairs are generally more affordable than complete replacement. Should you need repair solutions, contact us today and find out how DVC Plumbing Caringbah can help you!


When Should You Replace Your Heater?

If your water heater is rusty and leaking, it is usually recommended that you replace your unit to avoid expensive damage to your home if the tank were to burst. A major sign that it is time to replace your aging water heater is when it appears you are running out of hot water more often or if the water just doesn’t seem as hot as it should be. Perhaps your needs for hot water have grown. You may require a larger system or should consider upgrading to an energy efficient tankless water heater that can keep up with the demand for hot water in your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Water Heater?

The upside to replacing your system is that today’s water heaters are much more energy efficient and last longer than those manufactured just a few years ago. You will benefit immediately from reduced energy costs in heating water for your home. These savings will allow you to quickly recoup this investment. Similarly, you can rest easy knowing that you have a water heater that will work for a significant amount of time.

Why Should You Choose DVC Plumbing Caringbah For Water Heater Services?

For all your water heater maintenance, repair, and new installations services, depend on the plumbing experts at DVC Plumbing Caringbah We have been providing dependable and professional service to the Caringbah area for over 20 years. Our technicians are highly skilled, trained, and experienced, to provide you with the best water heater services in your home. No matter what the problem may be, you can rest easy knowing that our technicians have got your covered.

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